The Urban Line is the largest and most articulated one in the Brekka world.
The urban accessory is studied with particular attention to form and design, always remaining relevant to the context.
The collection is founded on the need to offer everyone the opportunity to come across his or her own hat. The right hat when the moment is right.


There are various materials used, whereas great freedom is given to the use of natural fibres; not only to wool and cotton yarns, but also to the more precious ones like bamboo, cashmere and angora.


Great attention is paid to the creation of the hat, especially to its interior, which is capable of ensuring smoothness and thermal capacity while preserving its lightness.

This is made possible with the use of special linings made of fur, cotton jersey, super lightweight microfleece and some special soft yarns.


At the heart of the Urban Line is the hand made product. These products are characterised by some very special knitting stitches and voluminous shapes.


Urban line’s proposal has also a section dedicated to fur. Faux fur implemented in different types of products from the classic bearskin to the fury pom pon.


In an effort to be a brand suitable for everyone, Brekka is obliged to propose products in natural fur. The majority of these products are made in Italy in order to achieve a greater control over the supply chain.