The line of accessories dedicated to sports. The line ranges from skiing hats with bright colours to technical accessories designed for vigorous activities.


Brekka is a well-known brand for skiing and mountain hats and therefore a large part of its line is dedicated to the slopes. The products of this section are all designed with a double, interior layer to protect from cold and wind. However, it is very important the presence of a technical membrane, a feature that grants the product with the ability to breath.


Everything is conceived in order to ensure the maximum protection and comfort in every outdoor activity, even under extreme weather conditions.


In this section we also find the multifunctional headband. It is a simple and essential product, but its uses and features are endless. Elastic, unisex Tube made of polyester microfiber, antibacterial and with the capacity to dry quickly.

In addition, the Outdoor line introduces the slippers, quilted in nylon and soft plush.


On the other hand, the absolute novelty regards a bearskin hat 100% in feather. A lightweight and colourful hat, which, thanks to the excellent feather quality used as filling, can be compressed and kept always with you.


Furthermore the outdoor collection features some special projects such as the B- Sauces and the B-Friends.


The first is a hat inspired by the famous Heinz sauces, endorsing the graphics on the hat and on the packaging. The second project proposes to the customer the purchase of two different, but complementary, hats. The two hats represent two halves of a heart, and when two people wear the B-Friends and join their heads, the seemingly broken heart is formed once again. A gift to someone very special.