The line of accessories dedicated to the young ones.


Functional items with a unique design, created to meet the needs of the young ones, without overlooking fun and colour.


Great attention is paid to the creation of the hat, especially to its interior, which is capable of ensuring smoothness and thermal capacity while preserving its lightness.


This is made possible with the use of special linings made of fur, cotton jersey, super lightweight microfleece and some special soft yarns.

At the core of the junior line is the Funny hat, inspired by themes taken from the children’s imagination varying from collection to collection. Animals, wrestling masks, hats with goggles and many more funny proposals to protect the little ones from cold, but always with a twist of humour.


Just like in the adult collection, at the heart of the junior line is the hand made product. These products are characterised by some very special knitting stitches and voluminous shapes.


Many of the gloves in the collection are thought to be used with smartphones and touch screen systems.